Our 2020 Vision is that by 2020-21 Coram Beanstalk will be supporting 30,000 children every year, providing them with the one-to-one literacy support they need to reach for the stars. 

We've achieved so much over the last 40+ years, but we know that there is much more we can do. That's why by 2020-21 we will: 

  • Be supporting 30,000 children aged 3-13 years old.
  • Have high-quality evidence showing our impact.
  • Have 8,000 volunteers in the Coram Beanstalk community.
  • Have the tools and technology to support our growth. 
  • Amplify the voice of the children in need of our help. 

This is a very exciting time for Coram Beanstalk as we take the first steps on our journey to help more children reach for the stars. We hope you will join us on this journey so that every child leaves school with the reading ability and confidence they need to succeed in life.

If you would like to find out more about Our 2020 Vision then you can read our full strategy here.