Could you describe your role?

My role involves looking after all of our corporate partnerships from a fundraising perspective, including all of our corporate volunteering schemes. Whilst looking to fundraise as much as possible, it’s key to make sure that all our supporters have a great experience and feel part of the Beanstalk family!

What kind of projects do you work on?

I’m currently working on the development on a number of new corporate volunteering programmes, the most exciting being ‘Reading Remotely’ - a new service which connects reading helpers with children via video technology. By using video technology, we’re massively broadening our reach of volunteers, allowing those who couldn’t participate previously the chance to support Beanstalk. People at work, volunteers who are based in remote locations themselves, those who don’t have the physical capabilities to get a school. They will now all have the opportunity to volunteer for Beanstalk.

What does your average day entail?

I work in a fairly small team and with a wide range of donors. No two days are ever the same - you can usually find me putting together tailored proposals for new corporate partners, pitching to potential supporters, or visiting schools with our partner – getting the chance to see our work in action, a great reward for the work we put in.

What are your key tasks?

My work can be pretty evenly divided into two categories – account management and new business. I manage our employee volunteering schemes from the initial recruitment drive through to placement stage. I look after all of our partner relationships, ensuring they are happy at all times and kept in the know about all things Beanstalk. I’m always looking for new opportunities, researching prospective donors and putting together funding applications, ensuring that we have a steady stream of income into the charity!

Why did you get into charity work?

After heading up a small commercial development team at a start-up for the best part of three years, I made the decision that I wanted a career change where I could utilise the skills that I had developed in the fast-paced corporate sales world, but where I was working in a more dynamic, rewarding environment. Having been involved in organising local charity events since I was a child, and after some research, I decided on corporate fundraising. I enjoyed being part of a small team, driving the company growth, having autonomy at work, and felt Beanstalk offered me that similar opportunity but in a workplace where I feel I am truly helping give back to society.

What skills do you need for your role?

Good interpersonal and organisational skills are key in fundraising – most of my time is spent communicating with a wide variety of people, whether they be current or potential donors. Resilience, confidence and enthusiasm are also essential, displaying your passion for the cause and enthusing others about it.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Often I get the chance to visit our work in action with our partners, and go into the schools we support. Meeting those children who benefit from our services and seeing our work in action is hugely rewarding – seeing the real world impact of the work we put in!

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