It's Okay to be Different - Todd Parr

The title of the book provides a clear message, to encourage children to understand difference in people and to be more tolerant of others. This colourful book, a trademark of Todd Parr, details lots of situations, some that will make children laugh and say ‘I wouldn’t do that’ and some that will make even adults think. The book ends with a powerful message that will keep the children coming back to this book as a favourite of theirs. 

I had to repeat second grade because of my reading level. Now, I write children’s books. It’s Okay to Be Different was inspired by this experience. Anything is possible if you try. Love, Todd. Todd Parr, author

And here's Todd reading his fantastic book out's worth a watch if only to find out if Todd really does eats macaroni cheese in the bath!

Video courtesy of 'No Small Matter' film productions.