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We offer the following services to schools looking to improve reading attainment levels among your pupils and encourage reading for pleasure:

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We have over 45 years' experience of recruiting, training and supporting volunteers to provide consistent one-to-one support to struggling readers. Our programmes support children and young people in their early years, at primary school and into secondary school.

What you'll get when you work with us

  • Our approach is based on evidence about what works best for engaging struggling and reluctant readers. It is cost-effective and can aid your reading improvement plans
  • We partner with all our education settings to understand the support each child needs to succeed with their reading and help develop packages of support that will work best in their setting. 
  • With our one-to-one reading support programmes, each Coram Beanstalk reading helper receives full training and on-going support
  • Our reading helpers create an unpressured environment, taking the time to get to know each child. 
  • We provide robust impact data showing children's progress. 
  • We take care of all DBS checks
  • We provide Coram Beanstalk reading helpers with an engagement pack featuring a range of brilliant children's books for use in their sessions, which the setting can keep.
  • If you already have volunteers reading to children at school (whether they are parents, staff from local businesses, or teaching assistants) we can train them in the best ways to engage children with reading so they have the greatest possible impact.

What schools say about us

Our most recent schools survey shows:

  • 97% said that Coram Beanstalk’s service saved their staff’s valuable time
  • 96% would recommend Coram Beanstalk to other schools
  • 94% said reading helpers enabled them to offer one-to-one support to children that would be difficult to provide otherwise
  • 97% said reading helpers helped improve children’s attitude to reading
  • 99% said reading helpers helped children to increase their confidence
  • 98% said reading helpers helped children to increase their enjoyment in reading

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Coram Beanstalk offers reading support in a way that introduces a magic around books to children who might have previously seen them as something difficult to access and introduces to the phonics-entangled child an understanding of the real magic of reading. Mary Cooper, Head of Bushey & Oxhey Infant School