Story Starters is designed to boost language and communicative development in a child's early years, giving them the skills to start school ready to read and reach for the stars. 

At the moment we’re in the first year of our trial to ensure the programme provides the impact we expect to early years children. We only have a limited number of funded places available in very specific areas and will be proactively contacting settings as part of this trial.

You can register your interest in the scheme using the enquiry form below but we will only be working with a certain number of settings in specific areas during the trial.

Story Starters and early years settings...the perfect fit: 

  • Fully funded service provided until 31st March 2019 - no cost to your early years setting until then.
  • Our trained volunteers offer one-to-one support in two 20 minute sessions a week. 
  • Story Starters volunteers are trained to create an unpressurised environment, taking the time to listen and get to know each child. 
  • Using picture books as the context learning, the volunteer and child play and share stories to boost the child's language development and literacy skills.
  • Each supported child will receive a free-of-charge age appropriate book every month. 
  • Your setting will also receive a box of specially selected books that our Story Starters will use in their sessions. 
  • Story Starters takes care of the safe recruitment of volunteers - including DBS. Read our safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • For every early years setting, we ask you to use the WellComm screening tool to evidence benefits to the child, this provides impact data which will support your Ofsted assessment.