Become a volunteer

Become a Beanstalk reading helper and give a child the skills and confidence to reach for the stars.Read more

Beanstalk Reading 321

Become a Beanstalk Reading 321 helper and support three children, twice a week, for at least one academic year.Read more

Beanstalk Reading Transition

Become a Beanstalk Reading Transition helper and provide short-term support to children in Year 6 as they prepare for secondary education.Read more

Why volunteer

Become a Beanstalk reading helper to make a lasting difference to a child's life and enjoy a unique volunteering experience.Read more

Story Starters

Become a Story Starter volunteer and give a child in a local nursery the skills, confidence and attitude to start primary school ready to read.Read more

What to expect

Find out more about what's involved as a Beanstalk trained reading helper and the life-changing impact you can have!Read more

Stories from our reading helpers

Hear from some of our current volunteers about why they love being a Beanstalk reading helper so much!Read more

Where we work

Beanstalk works in local authorities across England. Find out if we work in your local area.Read more

Volunteer agreement

Volunteers are an essential and valued part of Beanstalk. Find out more about how we will do the best we can to make your volunteer experience with us enjoyable and rewarding.Read more