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There are many reasons why you should become a Beanstalk reading helper:

You’ll make a lasting difference to a child’s life

Reading is essential in today's world.  Unfortunately many children struggle to learn to read for all sorts of reasons - 1 in 8 children in England left primary school last year behind in their reading. 

By becoming a Beanstalk reading helper, you’ll give a child the one-to-one attention they need to build their confidence and help them catch up with their reading. You’ll give them a chance to learn at their own pace and adapt the sessions to suit them.  

Beanstalk reading sessions are relaxed and fun and by working together you can help give a child the vital skills they need to read, grow, succeed.

It's rewarding

Seeing the progress the children make and knowing you’re making a difference is highly rewarding. This is what some of our reading helpers said when we asked what they valued the most:

  • seeing the children improve and develop and be able to read. Incredibly exciting.

  • seeing the children's faces light up when I get to the classroom door. 

  • seeing my original group of readers move on to secondary school
    as confident readers

  • seeing children develop and blossom

  • seeing the children I help improve in their reading and overall confidence

  • when I am told by school staff that my visits have had a positive impact
    on some of the children

  • seeing the children mature and progress into improved readers.

  • seeing the children become more confident in their reading and more
    confident in general.

  • helping "Looked After" children who have shown improvement when receiving
    the attention they have not received elsewhere.

  • enjoyment of working with the children and seeing the progress that some
    have made in both reading and self-esteem.

A recent survey or Beanstalk reading helpers1 showed that:

  • 64% reported an increased feeling of being part of the community

  • 61% reported an increase in confidence

  • 58% reported an increase in motivation
  • 54% reported an increase in self-esteem
  • 36% reported an increase in their abilty to communicate with other people
  • 28% reported an increase in their general health and well-being

     (1 Survey conducted June 2014, 920 responses) 

You’ll give something back to your local community

As you’ll be working in a local primary school, supporting children near you, you’ll get to use your skills and experience to help give something back to your local community. Being a Beanstalk reading helper is a great way to get involved.

You’ll develop new skills and make new friends

Becoming a Beanstalk reading helper is a great way to develop your communication skills and knowledge of the education sector. Your local area office will be there to support you along the way, providing further development training in areas like dyslexia awareness and phonics. 

You’ll also make new friends – your local area office will organise:

  • coffee mornings

  • end-of-term meetings

  • regular book swaps

You’ll have fun

Beanstalk reading helpers are encouraged to make their sessions fun to help build the child’s confidence. You won’t just read together, you’ll get to play games and boost their self-esteem. 

If you are interested, find out what's involved !