Read, Grow, Succeed

Want to help a child to read?
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If you’re one of our reading helpers already, here are Beanstalk’s Top 10 tips to help you make most of your sessions

  1. Remember to vary activities and give the child choice
  2. Rotate the order of the children so that they don’t miss the same lessons each week
  3. Use open-ended sentences to encourage conversation
  4. Try using flashcards
  5. Remember it is not only about the child reading, you can read to the child or take turns, try using plays
  6. Be generous with your praise
  7. Get to know the schools reward scheme and use it when the child does well
  8. Use games (shopping list, yes/no game, etc.) to expand vocabulary
  9. Use a notebook to record your session
  10. Be proud of Beanstalk and the brilliant work we do by making sure that the school staff know who you are and why you are there

Please contact your local Beanstalk area office if you need any more advice on how you can help the children you support.