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The following statistics may be useful to journalists writing about Beanstalk, education or literacy.

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About Beanstalk

  • In 2013-2014 we helped 8,406 children in over 1,100 primary schools through the support of over 2,828 reading helpers
  • It costs Beanstalk £342 to provide a year’s worth of one-to-one literacy support to one child - this is equivalent to just 94 pence a day.

The social impact of illiteracy

  • 1 in 8 children left primary school in 2014 unable to read to the required standard - approximately 60,000 children 1
  • 22% of men and 30% of women with literacy equivalent of a seven year old live in non-working households 2
  • 70% of pupils permanently excluded from school have difficulties in basic literacy skills 3
  • 25% of young offenders are said to have reading skills below those of the average seven year old 4
  • 60% of the prison population is said to have difficulties in basic literacy skills 5
  • 48% of prisoners are at, or below, the level expected of an 11 year old in reading 6
  • 1 in 5 Only 1 in 5 prisoners are able to complete a job application form 7
  • 48%According to the London Evening Standard “half of the juveniles arrested during the 2011 summer riots were educational failures. Government figures show that 48 per cent of those arrested by police were unable to read or write by age 11”. 8

The economic impact of illiteracy

  • £81B An estimated total of £81.312 billion is lost to the UK economy each year, amounting to 3.75% of the nation’s GDP 9
  • £95 The average cost per day of providing a prison place10
  • 22     England came 22nd out of 24 in literacy amongst developed countries in a recent OECD skills survey 11






8 - 24th October 2011