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Since May 2011 Beanstalk (formerly known as Volunteer Reading Help) has been working in partnership with the London Evening Standard on its award-winning Get London Reading campaign.

Approximately one in eight children in London left primary school in 2012 unable to read to the required standard. This is a betrayal of our children because reading is an essential tool for life. That is why the London Evening Standard and Beanstalk launched our Get London Reading campaign. 

The campaign has been hugely successful, raising over £1 million (including £500,000 from the Mayor's Fund for London as part of its Inspiring Reading project) and supporting thousands of children across London through Beanstalk’s reading helpers. But there is still much more to be done.

But we need more volunteers, and more donations to fund our support. We ask you to be part of the solution: volunteer today, donate today - and change lives!

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